Friday, July 12, 2013

Vintage Doily Dreamcatcher DIY

A few weeks ago my sister shot me throwing together this quick DIY of my vintage doily dreamcatchers for anyone who would want to make their own. :)

Materials needed: wooden embroidery hoop, doily (must be larger than the size of the embroidery hoop you chose), leather cord and feathers, optionally you can add beads as well

1. Detach the two hoops and lay the doily over the top of the inner hoop, tighten the adjustable outer hoop onto the doily.
2. Pull the doily tight and center it, making sure the embroidery hoop is tightened as much as possible, then trim the excess doily from the back of the embroidery hoop.

3. Trim 3-5 pieces (depending on the size of your dreamcatcher) of the leather cord to tie to the bottom of the hoop plus one additional piece to tie to the top to hang the dreamcatcher from.

4. Tie your longest piece of cord around the center of the bottom of the hoop using an overhand loop knot (so both ends of the cord will hang straight), repeat this step for the remaining cords on either side of the center cord. Keep in mind that the feathers will be tied on both ends of the leather cord once it is on the hoop-so make sure you leave lots of length on both sides, but they also do not have to be completely even.
5. Fold the leather cord for the top of the dreamcatcher in half then knot the cord together at the bottom and halfway to the top of the cord, pull the bottom knot under the set screw and knot it to make the hanger

6. Optional step: If you want to add beads to the leather cord do it now, before tying on the feathers.
 7. Tie the feathers to the end of the leather cords.
8. Hang and Enjoy! 

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